Author Overheard: Kiley Reid

I had the great pleasure of hearing Kiley Reid speak and read from her debut novel Such a Fun Age. She was thoughtful, warm, humble and inspiring.

Here are some the things that she had to say:

When talking about writing during her 6-year stint as a nanny:

“A lot of the writing is looking for jobs so you can make enough to live and write on the side.”

In response to a question about writing for voices other than your own (or more specifically, how she as a black women wrote for Such a Fun Age's Alix):

“A large part of the black experience is being in white spaces.”

Explaining that writing can be both art and entertaining:

“You can talk about class warfare and have a meet cute at the same time.”

When asked for life advice from recent college grads:

“I don't know I'm the person to ask. I was a mess!”
"I wish I would have showed my work to more people."

When discussing the protagonist's Emira's actions and motivations:

“Sometimes you have to work within a system that doesn't work for you. As an individual, that's all you can do.”

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